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We are very happy to announce that our new website has been launched. With this new site we want to make it easier for the visitors to see how Elof heavy load handlers work in practice, what applications we have and how we can serve our customers.

The new layout is designed with usability, better structure and improved navigation in focus. 

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Elof's heavy load handlers equal quick, safe and simple loading and unloading of heavy cargo. The very heart of the Elof solution is the Heavy Load Handler, which is a modular combination of driving unit and application-specific load unit. Whether it is cable drums, steel coils or glass stillages, the Heavy Load Handler will lift, load and unload the goods. The company's patented low lift technology makes it possible to lift 50 tonnes, without the need for a traditional counterweight.
The lack of counterweight stands for excellent maneuverability, less floor pressure and decreased need for strengthening of factory floors. The Elof Heavy Load Handler is the result of 10 years of testing and continuous improvement. Today Elof can offer a market-leading lift-off solution which is reliable, emissions-free and compact.