Paper Rolls

Paper rolls are becoming heavier and larger, whereas their handling on the factory or storage floor has limited space only. A paper mill's production cycle is fast and the products must move quickly from one area to another.

The ELOF Paper Roll Handler combines heavy load capability with an electrical drive and great maneuverability. Thanks to its patented low-lift technology, the solution has a minimal turning radius and a range-improving low unladen weight. This helps to minimize floor wear and guarantees great handling.
The ELOF Paper Roll Handler is available with fixed, manually adjustable or automatically adjustable lifting forks.
panorama paper 705x362paper 399x333
ELOF paper roll transporter models include:​​​​​​​
Max. load (tonnes) Model Power Lifting forks Driving position
5 P05110 80 V, 250 Ah Fixed STB
5 P05120 80 V, 250 Ah Fixed SIB
10 P10110 80 V, 250 Ah Fixed STB
10 P10120 80 V, 250 Ah Fixed SIB
STB = standing behind the drive unit, SIB = sitting behind the drive unit