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ELOF indoor transporters have been used for more 20 years to move heavy loads in production areas and warehouses. They can lift and move loads weighing up to 50 tonnes.
A ‘low lifting’ design without the use of a counterweight results in a compact and lightweight machine that can access most areas on the production floor. ELOF machines routinely transport 4-5 times their own weight.
The machine’s low unladen weight, well designed load distribution and the use of multiple wheels minimizes potentially damaging floor pressure. The powerful electrical drive is quiet and emission free; pollutants that can be harmful to people and the production process can be completely avoided.
ELOF models are used in the manufacture of high voltage cables and seamless pipes, the transport of heavy tools on pallets, the movement of steel coils and paper rolls, as well as many other areas.

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panorama about 705x362