Air Freight

Palletizing freight helps multi-piece shipments remain together and provides increased protection from damage.

The Elof Air Freight Handler is ideal for handling air freight pallets weighing up to 10 tonnes. The solution has no counterweight in its design, which makes it compact and easy to maneuver between loading points.
The Elof Air Freight Handler has a generous lifting stroke and a low unladen weight for maximum energy efficiency.
The Freight Handler is available for 10 tonne capacity or it can be tailored to meet custom specifications.
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ELOF Airfreight 10t Finnai
Epoch Engineering AB cable transport models include:​​​​​​​
Max vikt (ton) Modell Effekt Lyftgafflar Körposition
10 A10110 80 V, 250 Ah 3 320 × 2 620 mm(131” × 103”) STB
10 A10120 80 V, 250 Ah 3 320 × 2 620 mm(131” × 103”) SIB
STB = Standing behind the drive unit, SIB = Sitting behind the drive unit, SIT = Sitting on high drive unit